Use Access to Organize and View Your Photos and Graphics

You can easily create an Access Database to organize and view your photos and graphic images.  You can store your images in Access tables but it takes up an enormous amount of memory and bloats your database.  It is best to keep your images and graphics in a Directory on your hard drive.  You can then store the path to the image, including the image filename, in a table.  Then you can create a Form to find and view your images.

Here is an easy code snippet for your Form that will allow you to view your images:

' You can use this code with a command button or with the double-click event on the textbox that contains the image path.

    ' Declare a variable for the image path
    Dim strPic As String
    ' Associate the variable with the image path
    strPic = Me.txtImagepath    ' txtImagepath-a textbox that holds the image path
    ' Open the image
    Application.FollowHyperlink strPic

Your image will be opened by the default Windows program for that type of image.

This will allow you to give your family and friends a zipped copy of your database and images.  Just be sure that the images are stored in the same directory and path on their computer.

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Happy computing,
Patrick (Pat) Wood
Gaining Access

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