Free Church Management Database Download

I have not posted here for a while because I have been very busy with a major software project.  I am pleased to announce that I have released a Free Beta Access Database Application for small to mid-sized Churches.   It is called Church Management Software Solutions.  You can read more about it and download it from this site:  Non-profit organizations can also use it to track membership and attendance.  I am still developing Financial features. 

Presently, the Beta version features storing and retrieving information about members and contacts (prospects), Households, Sunday School (or small group) classes and attendance, and ministry information and attendance.  There are also Calendar and Service Planning features. CMSS can help manage and track outreach and visitation.  With just a couple of mouse clicks a list of all active members is produced, as well as inactive members, married, not married, all resident members, all non-resident members, and even all members whose spouse is not a member.  Also, birthdays and anniversaries for the month you select is as easy as clicking one button and then entering the month number (1 for Jan., 9 for Sept., 12 for Dec., etc.).  Mailing lists and labels can also be quickly produced.  A sample version can be downloaded so anyone can see how the program works.

Access Tip: 
Here is a tip for anyone who distributes an Access application.  You can help protect the design of your database from tampering by users with the free and easy to use Properties Setter by Bill Mosca, Microsoft Access MVP.  You can hide the Database window, disable the bypass shift key, disable menus, and more without even opening the database.  You can save your configuration and easily apply it to another database.  The Properties Setter can be downloaded from  You can find the file by clicking on Files in the menu and selecting the Utilities and Add-ins link.  You will need to join the group to get the file, but joining is free and easy.   We thank Bill Mosca for this great utility.

To download free databases and code samples visit our Gaining Access Website.

Get the free Code Tracker™ Beta Add-in to record and then view how your procedures are being used.

You can download the completed and free Report Date Dialog Form in the US or UK Version at our Gaining Access website.

More Free Downloads:
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ScopeSight for Access Reports Demo: get the exact data you want on your Access Reports.
Free Church Management Software now with new Contributions management.
Code Samples

Get the Access and Outlook Appointment Manager to manage all of your Outlook Calendar Appointments and Access dated information.

Happy computing,
Patrick (Pat) Wood
Gaining Access

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